Medieval Ancestors of the
Rouths of Bainbridge and Hawes
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Sir John Routh of Routh and his wife Agnes
  1. Richard De Sourdeval, at Battle of Hastings, 1066
  2. Sir Robert De Surdeval, at Capture of Jerusalem 1097,killed at Battle of Torchbrai 1106
  3. William De Surdeval, died c. 1156
  4. Sir Robert De Surdeval, or De Rue, or De Reuda, or De Routh, a crusader; acquired junior Manor of Routh c. 1153
  5. Simon De Routh, born c. 1146
  6. Sir William De Routh, probably at the Crusades with Richard Coeur de Lion, buried in Routh Church
  7. Sir William De Routh, died in Meaux Abbey, 1242
  8. Sir Amand Routh of Routh: born c. 1240; died c. 1289
  9. Thomas de Routh, at Bannockburn 1314
  10. Sir William de Routh, living 1370
  11. Sir Peter de Routh, died 1387
  12. Richard Routh of Bainbrigge, son of Sir Peter by his second wife Married 1410 Ancestor of the Rouths of the Junior Pollington branch, and of Pontefract, and of Bainbrigge and Hawes (16 generations)

Some of the earlier descendants of Richard Routh drifted away from Bainbrigge and Hawes after a few generations. However, one of Richard's great-great-grandsons, William, stayed put, and some his descendants have remained around Hawes to the present day.

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A SHORT HISTORY OF THE FAMILY OF ROUTH  compiled by Lt. Col. H. C. Edric Routh, R.A. (retired) - 1953